How to Rip a Blu-Ray

Posted by Mayank on December 14, 2012 in How To

Blu-Ray are awesome to watch, but they also have more than ever copy protection than any other format around. This makes playing a blu-ray on your computer next to impossible. Here’s how to rip the blu-ray movies and stand apart from the crowd.

There are only a few desktop computers that can play blu-ray discs and man – they are costly! Leave alone the thought of watching a blu-ray on a Mac or Linux. Watching a blu-ray on Linux is next to impossible. Whatever it be – we’re going to rip a blu-ray and enjoy it on a computer.

By ripping your Blu-Rays, you can still get that amazing HD quality on any computer you want without any need of a Blu-Ray drive or expensive software.

There are a lot of different methods for ripping and encoding Blu-Rays, several different encoding programs, and more than a few ripping solutions. We’ve used quite a few of those and bring to you the best free programs available. Of course, there are some options available, which let you get better quality, but they come at a cost of complexity and additional tasks. What we recommend is a perfect blend of simplicity and end-product to meet your need to rip a blu-ray. Also, this method is 100% cross-platform, as both programs are available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

You’ll need:

  • A blu-ray player. You can get them as low as $45 at Amazon if you don’t have one already.
  • MakeMKV for initial blu-ray rip. MakeMKV rips your movie to a high quality MKV file for easy encoding and is simple as well as free.
  • Handbrake – Handbrake is a cross platform, open source video encoder.

How to Rip a Blu-Ray

Step 1: Rip the Movie with MakeMKV

Open up MakeMKV and click the “Open Disc” button. It’ll scan the disk and list out the chapters on the disc. Find your movie and uncheck all the other boxes. Choose your Output Folder and hit the “Make MKV” button. It usually takes around 30 minutes to create a MKV file of your 1080p blu-ray movie.

rip a blu-ray

Step 2: Reduce the Size

The output file in step 1 is a huge file. Next you need to reduce the size of the file using Handbrake. There are a lot of settings available in Handbrake and what we recommend here is a the best compromise between quality and disk space.

Blu-Rays are 1080p by default. To reduce space without compromising much on quality – you can reduce it to 720p. You can keep 1080p for some of your favorite movies like The Dark Knight.

Step 3: Change Parameters

Choose H.264 as your video codec and AC3 Passthru or DTS Passthru for audio. Select RF of 18 for quality of encode. If your eyes are sharp and the movie demands so, you can go for 16, else you can also go for 20.

When you’re ready, hit the encode button and let it work on your MKV file. One done, you will have your blu-ray movie ready to be enjoyed on a Windows, Mac or Linux machine. Recommended video players are: Daum PotPlayer for Windows, VLC for Mac and SMPlayer for Linux.

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