How to Send Documents to Your Amazon Kindle

Posted by Mayank on December 11, 2011 in Kindle

Amazon Kindle, the revolutionary e-reader is changing they way the world reads books and consumes content. Amazon was the pioneer in the e-reader category and has been the best selling e-reader ever since its introduction. Amazon has been reducing the price of Kindle with every new version and recently Amazon introduced a lot of new version. Now you have 7 different Kindle available at 11 different prices. If you still don’t own a Kindle, this post will help you reach a decision : Best Kindle to Buy.

With its portable size and design along with its easy-on-the-eyes screen, the Kindle is ideal for reading long business and personal documents and PDF files. Amazon has made it very easy to transfer documents and PDFs to your Kindle. You can either connect your Kindle to your computer (Mac or PC) and transfer and read documents to Kindle. Other option is to send document to your Amazon Kindle email address and it gets automatically delivered to your Kindle.


Find Your Amazon Kindle Email Address

Amazon Kindle email address is something, which is not very evident, but not difficult to find. You might not have noticed, but, when you register your Kindle device with Amazon, Amazon automatically assigns you a email address. You can find your Kindle email address on your Kindle by going to Home > Menu > Settings > Device Email. Usually located in page 2 of 3 in Settings.

your kindle email address

Read the Fine Line: Difference between @Kindle and @Free.Kindle Email Addresses

Before you get too excited and start sending yourself documents to your newly discovered Kindle email address, it is important to be aware of the fees involved. When you send a document to your Kindle email address, Amazon charges you a small fee of $0.15/MB for the service when your Kindle is located in the United States and $.99/MB when your Kindle is out of the country. To avoid this fee, use Kindle´s free service by sending the document to

The free service works when you have Wi-Fi access. If your Kindle is connected to a 3G network and you do not have access to a Wi-Fi access, then the free service will not work. In this situation, you´ll need to use the standard Amazon Kindle email address and pay the fee.

Effectively Using Your Free Kindle Email Address

If is easy to forget your email address. Add your free Kindle email address to your contact list and name your contact “Free Kindle” or something more memorable and then use it whenever you want to transfer and read documents from the comfort of your Kindle. You can even have your friends send documents directly to your Kindle. However, Amazon allows you receive documents only from approved email address. You can add approved email addresses by logging on to Amazon -> “Manage Your Kindle” -> “Personal Document Settings” as shown below.

manage your kindle

You can send Microsoft documents, PDFs, pictures to your Kindle. You can even compress your files to a zip file and send it to your Kindle email address. Send documents, PDFs, and photos to your Kindle and enjoy reading computer content away from your computer monitor. If you find your Kindle overwhelmed with reports, manuscripts, recipes, and images, group your documents into collections just as you do with your Amazon Kindle books.

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