How to subscribe to someone on Facebook?

Posted by Prashant on September 14, 2011 in Facebook,Featured,How To

Similar to Google Plus, Facebook has also launched its subscribe feature using which you can view the public post of anyone. Google Plus Follow is the new Facebook subscribe and once you subscribe to anyone’s post, you will be able to see all of their public posts. This feature is launched today and is part of Facebook’s effort to give a strong competition to Google Plus. Your subscriber count will be shown on your Facebook Profile and any public updates from the one you follow will be available in your Facebook news feed. Below are the steps how to follow/ subscribe someone on Facebook.

How to subscribe someone on Facebook?


Step1: Get the Facebook Profile of someone you want to follow/subscribe

If you want to subscribe to someone’s public post, firstly you need to reach to their Facebook Profile. You can find the user by using Facebook’s search.

Step2: Subscribe to users public post

If you user has enabled the subscribe option for their profile, then you will see a subscribe button on the top right corner of their profile. Click on “Subscribe” button will immediately make you a follower of the user and you will be able to see their public post in your Facebook news feed. You can subscribe to as many people as you want.

facebook subscribe

Step3: Viewing posts from subscribers

To view post from your subscribers, you need not to anything other than just subscribing. Their public post will automatically appear in your news feed. You can also post comment on their post.

posts in new feed

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