How to Surf Same Website Together With Someone

Posted by Prashant on May 30, 2012 in How To,Website

There are many screen sharing softwares like TeamViewer, Webex  and many more which allows users to share their whole desktop screens and work together or debug any issue. But what if you just want to surf a website together, let us say you are looking to buy a new mobile phone from and need to show it to your friend before you buy it. Usually you would either send a URL to the page to your friend and have him/ her look at it and then discuss.

Now if you navigated to another page on, you will again need to send URL to your friend. That’s the old way game. It would be much easier and efficient, if your friend can see what you can see on your web browser i.e. if you open another website, same is loaded on this screen automatically. All this can be done using is an online service which allows users to surf web together by creating a channel which you can share with your friend and then you both can see same website on your browsers. To use this service, you don’t need to install any kind of software on your computer.

Step1: Prefix before the URL of the website that you want to surf. E.g. In case of , type and hit enter. URL will convert into

Step2: You will see a share box where you can type the email id of your friend, with whom you want to surf the website together. Alternatively you can also copy the URL from address bar which would be something like and share it with your friend.

Step3: Once your friend opens the link, he will see the same website that you are looking at and also if you navigate to another link in the website, same will be opened on this screen too. Your friend can also open another web link and your screen will mirror that too.

Step4: You can also send message using inbuilt message window. If any of you goes offline, message will be sent to your email id.

There is chrome extension available for this using which you can create channels very quickly.

Watch the below video to learn more

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