How to Track a Cell Phone

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Why do you need to track a person’s phone? Tracking a person’s phone can lead to privacy concerns by the owner of the phone. Well that is not the point of debate of this article. The intent of this article is to tell you how to track a cell phone, if the need arises. Need to track a cell phone may be due to unwanted calls from a person and for your own safety.

Yellow pages or similar directories do not have listings for cell phones and hence, it is not as easy to track cell phones. However, it is also not difficult either. When you get a call, the nearest cell tower pings your cell phone. In some countries like the US, cell companies are mandated to keep track of cell phones to an accuracy of 100 feet, so that help can be made available in case of emergency.

Solutions to Track a Cell Phone

1. Google the Cell Phone Number

It is a foregone conclusion that you can almost Google any information. Owner of the cell phone you’re trying to track might have provided his cell phone number on a social network or any other blog or website, which Google might have indexed. Google also takes privacy seriously, so the chances are less – but if you’re lucky – it might work!

2. Cell Phone Tracking Software

The solution to track a cell phone, which works for sure is to install a tracking software on the cell phone itself. There are lots of free and paid iPhone and Android solutions for tracking a smart phone. Even Blackberries and Nokia phones also have phone tracking solutions. For a list of iPhone tracking solutions – click here.

This solution also may not always be feasible because installing a tracking software on the phone needs you to have access to the phone. If you’re trying to track someone else’s phone, it is not even an option.

3. Cell Phone Tracking Websites

There are a few free and paid websites, which claim to track down a cell phone with the click of a button. I’ve tested a few and they do not work 100% of time as claimed – they might not be able to provide all the information you’re looking for. However, in many a cases, they do have successful tracking as well. You can try these and if you’re unable to retrieve information as per your satisfaction – you can request a refund. These products are sold by Clickbank and have a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Overall, there isn’t a fool proof solution for tracking any cell phone unless you’re a hacker or belong to the Government and have the rights to track a cell phone. Cell Phone Detective comes close and you can try it out – it might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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