How to Watch Hulu on Facebook

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During the F8 Developer Conference, the launch of the Hulu on Facebook app was announced —a brand new integration with Facebook to that makes TV and movie watching from Hulu even more social. The Hulu app on Facebook is a fully integrated experience that enables you to watch Hulu videos without leaving Facebook. And because you are watching through Facebook, the videos you watch will be instantly shared with your friends if you choose to do so.

The app will enables you to find the videos your friends are watching and start conversations with others. As you are watching a new episode, clip, or movie from Hulu on Facebook, you can leave a comment on a particular moment in within the video, and share those comments with friends on both Facebook and Hulu.

How to Watch Hulu on Facebook

watch hulu on facebook

watch hulu on facebook

Using the Hulu on Facebook app is simple. Just click on any Hulu link in your news feed from any of your friends, and you’ll be taken to the Hulu on Facebook app. Or just add Hulu on Facebook the same way you add other apps. Once the Hulu app is added to your profile, you can easily watch Hulu content on Facebook anytime, instantly.

Hulu Plus subscriber have access to the entire Hulu Plus library in addition to the shows on the free Hulu service through the Hulu on Facebook app. You can discuss and share Hulu Plus content with your friends who also subscribe to Hulu Plus.

You have the option to adjust your share settings any time by clicking on the “share to feed” icon button in the player and selecting to share your watch activity with either “Hulu and Facebook” or “No One. Do Not Share What I Watch.” You can also change your settings in your Facebook privacy settings or on’s privacy and settings page to control what you share (if you choose to share anything).

Watching Hulu on Facebook can be as exciting as watching movies or TV shows together. Additionally with the comments made by your friends, it will feel like you watched them together. Go out and give it a try – it will be an interesting experience.

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