Hulu Plus Ad Swap Feature is Far Better that YouTube Ads

Posted by Prashant on May 15, 2012 in Website

Whenever you watch videos online on YouTube, Vimeo, HuluPlus or any other video streaming website, most of the time you will be welcomed by an advertisement at the start of video. Longer the duration of video, more the chances of getting ads in between. YouTube users have option to skip most of the ads after 5 seconds but not always. If you like the ad, you can recommend it by doing a +1 which will appear when you hover your mouse on video. But what if you don’t like the ad, mmmmm….You can’t do anything but forced to watch it. Now go to Hulu Plus and though you can’t completely bypass the ads but you can switch to ads that you like to watch.

YouTube ads are generated based on user history and data that Google gathers by your browsing history. HuluPlus shows ads in between videos but will ask the user whether it’s relevant to you or not. When the ad is played , pop upĀ  with question “Is this ad relevant to you? ” is shown. Based on your response Hulu PlusĀ  will show similar ads in future.

Also if you don’t like the ad at all you can use Adswap feature to choose to watch any other advertisement. Though there isn’t any feature to completely bypass the ad, but still watching the ad you like is far better that watching the one you don’t like at all.


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