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Igrecway Hangman Review

Igrecway Hangman Review

Posted by Prashant on February 5, 2013 in Apple

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Developer: Igrecway
Category: Games
Price: Free (when reviewed)
Version Reviewed: 1.1

Igrecway Hangman Review

Igrecway Hangman is your very own old hangman game in a new design. Hangman is one of the most popular word guessing game which I believe almost everyone would have played. You will be given a word and as a player you would need to guess it by suggesting letters. For every wrong letter, hangman character will get closer to being hanged. If you run out of maximum allowed guesses, game is over.

Igrecway Hangman is available for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad now.  Below are the main features of Igrecway Hangman:

Large Dictionary: Igrecway Hangman claims to have a very large dictionary. Having a big database of words gives you a chance to play for a very long period.

Additional Dictionary for Kids: You can switch from default mode to Kids only mode where the words are easier and can easily be guessed by kids. Anytime during the play you can again switch to default mode using the menu button.

hangman_1 hangman_3

2 modes: Hangman app also has 2 modes i.e Easy and Hard. Depending on what level you’re comfortable with you can switch between these two modes. I would suggest that you start with ‘Easy’ mode.

Hint: Anytime you’re struck and need help, simply touch the ‘Hint’ button and you will be given a hint of what the word is related to.  When I played, I used hint few times in the game and almost every time, I was able to guess the word using the hint.

Scoring: You score is recorded for each play and can be checked in the menu section. Score is divided in 2 categories i.e. rescued and hanged. Rescued is number of times you were able to successfully guess the word and ‘Hanged’ count shows that total no. of times you’re unable to guess the word correctly within maximum no. of attempts.


Enhance your vocabulary easily: Reason why hangman is so popular is because it is one of the easiest and fun ways to increase your word vocabulary and it really is a great time pass.

Nice Graphics: Hangman app has a nice and simple design which makes you totally concentrate on your word guessing skills. No flashes or ads to distract you.


  • Large dictionary
  • Hints
  • Additional Dictionary for Kids


Igrecway Hangman is one of the best ways to increase your English vocabulary while having fun. Whether you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, this app needs to be in your favorite app lists.

How to Download Igrecway Hangman

You can download Igrecway Hangman directly from App Store or you could scan the below barcode from your smartphone.

hangman_icon hangman_qrcodeappstore


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