Invisible Secret Keys on iPad Split Keyboard

Posted by Prashant on March 28, 2012 in Apple,iPad

Few days ago, we told our users how to activate split keyboard on their iPad for typing easily & faster on their iOS device. Split Keyboard divides the virtual keyboard into 2 and then user can type using his/her thumbs.  There are  few secret invisible keys which are not visible on split keyboard but can make typing using split keyboard a little more easier.

When the split keyboard is enabled, keyboard is divided with TGV on the left and YHB on the right as shown below.

With left hand user can type TGV or any other key on the left side of split keyboard and use right thumb to type YHB or any other key on the right side of split keyboard. But there are invisible keys which you can use to type alphabets on left side of split keyboard using your right thumb and vice versa.

If you tap on screen with your left thumb next to T you will get a Y, tap on screen next to G & you will get a H, tap on screen next to V & you will get a B. Similarly, on the right hand side of split keyboard, if you use your right hand thumb to tap on screen next to Y, you will get a T, tap next to H on screen & you will get a G and finally if you tap next to B, you will get V alphabet.


You wouldn’t find these invisible keys mentioned in Apple’s iPad User guide or any other iPad tutorial. For such tip you can get iPad Video Lessons which plenty of tips to enhance your daily productivity while using iPad.

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