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Apple’s fifth generation smartphone was unveiled today after months of speculations. No iPhone 5 as of now. Apple calls it the best iPhone ever, but, there have been negative impressions as well because everyone expected more.

iPhone 4S for sure packs a lot of punch and the negative feedbacks are because Apple raises the bar higher every time it launches a new iPhone. There isn’t anything wrong with the iPhone 4S, so, lets look at our iPhone 4S review and see what it has to offer. Whether or not it meets your expectations, do let us know.

1. Design

No changes in the design – exactly the same. Same materials, same look.

2. Features

i. Siri – Your New Assistant: An Awesome addition

siri featuresSiri will run only in the iPhone 4S (and presumably the iPad 2). Siri needs the faster A5 processor to run and that is available in only these 2 models. Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. It really understands natural language and follows complex commands. It’s conversational too, so it will reply back to you and you can reply back to it.

Siri also pulls information from Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha to give you smart answers to your questions. You can even ask him for definitions, which Siri will read out loud.

Siri actually interprets what you are saying. You just talk to it like you would talk to another person. So instead of asking “tell me the weather today” you can just say “Do I need a raincoat?” and it will reply “It sure does look like rain today!” Or if you say “Wake me up tomorrow at 6am” it will automatically set up the alarm for you. Or “hey, remind me to buy milk later” and it will remind you to buy milk as you pass near a grocery store (Siri is location aware).

Siri writes and sends email messages and texts — and reads them to you, too. It searches the web for anything and everything you need to know. It plays the songs you want to hear. It helps you find your way and shows you around. It places calls. It schedules meetings. It helps you remember. And it wakes you up. Siri tells you almost everything.

Without any doubt, Siri is an awesome add. How efficient it is remains to be seen (it is still in Beta phase). More on what Siri can do for you is available on Apple



ii. Dual Core A5 Processor

apple a52 cores in the A5 chip deliver up to 2 times more power and up to 7 times faster graphics. It will make iPhone 4S quick and responsive. Pages load quicker. Gameplay is better. The A5 chip is also power-efficient – iPhone 4S has better battery life than its predecessors.

iPads had Dual Core A5 processor till now and the iPhones are getting Dual Core A5 for the first time. It will not be available in any other iPhone model. Also, it is critical to run Siri.


iii. New Camera

There’s a new 8 MP camera in the iPhone 4S as compared to the 5 MP camera in iPhone 4. That is an increment of 60% pixels. Apart from having more pixels, it also has a CMOS backside illuminated sensor. According to Apple, you get 73% more light than the iPhone 4 sensor.

Apple has also remodeled the lens system, with five lens elements. The custom lens uses five precision elements to shape incoming light, which makes the entire image sharper. The larger f/2.4 aperture lets in more light, so photos look brighter. The camera system is also faster than the previous version.

Taking photos definitely got better with iPhone 4S.


iv. 1080p HD Video Recording

hd video stabilizeiPhone 4S allows you to do 1080p HD video recording with image stabilization and temporal noise reduction. The advanced backside illumination sensor and larger aperture let in even more light. Improved auto white balance makes color even more accurate.

iPhone 4S automatically steadies shaky shots with video stabilization. You can shoot video right in the Messages app and send it through iMessage or as an MMS. You can attach it to an email or post it on Facebook or YouTube. 

Creating videos definitely got better with iPhone 4S.

v. iOS 5

iOS 5 includes more than 200 new features for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Details available at Apple. There is no denying that iOS 5 makes your iPhone further productive and powerful. iOS 5 is releasing on Oct. 12th and previous versions of iphone can also upgrade to iOS 5.


v. iCloud

iCloud can be used to stores your music, photos, apps, mail, contacts, calendars, documents, and more. And wirelessly push them to all your devices. It will be automatic, effortless, and seamless. iTunes will be moving over to iCloud. With iCloud, you can have iTunes automatically download new music purchases to all your devices the moment you tap Buy. You can also access past music and TV show purchases from any of your devices — wirelessly and without syncing.

Using iCloud Photo Stream, you can take a photo on one iOS device and it automatically appears on all your other devices, including your Mac or PC. More details of iCloud are available here.


vi. Better Antenna

iPhone 4S is the first phone to intelligently switch between two antennas to transmit and receive, so call quality is better. It also doubles the maximum HSDPA data speeds to 14.4 Mbps.This means faster connections, faster loading and reloading, and faster downloads. And iPhone 4S is a world phone, so you can use it almost anywhere. Whether you’re a GSM or CDMA customer, you can roam GSM networks in 200 countries around the world.


Overall, iPhone 4S is a very nice phone to have. Go for it. You’ll never regret it!

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