Is Google Chromecast Right for You?

Posted by Mayank on August 1, 2013 in Gadgets

Google Chromecast – probably the smallest and the cheapest streaming device available in the market today. Well almost, except for the fact that it has already sold out! Google Chromecast turned out to be an instant sensation and sold out in minutes (or may be it was lack of inventory? – We might well never know).

What we know for sure is that Google Chromecast is a great product (if not exceptional), is priced exceptionally well and will for sure find its way to millions of households, just like Android did. The question looms “Is Chromecast Right for Me?”

 is google chromecast right for me


Is Google Chromecast Right for Me?

Answer the following questions and calculate the total.

  1. You spend 10 hours a week 1.5+ hour daily watching TV (+2 for Yes, -1 for No)
  2. You don’t have a cable TV subscription or contemplating cancelling your cable TV subscription (+2 for Yes, -1 for No)
  3. You watch most of the TV episodes online on the respective channel’s websites (+1 for Yes, -1 for No)
  4. You like watching Netflix (+2 for Yes, -1 for No)
  5. You like watching YouTube (+2 for Yes, -1 for No)
  6. You hate chords and hundreds of devices sitting on your TV stand (+1 for Yes, -1 for No)
  7. You’ve used Chrome browser (+1 for Yes, -2 for No)
  8. You have a wireless network at home (+1 for Yes, -5 for No)
  9. You have a smart phone – iPhone or Android (+1 for Yes, -1 for No)
  10. You have a computer – Mac or Windows (+1 for Yes, -1 for No)

Count the score.

If you scored:

3 and below: Do nothing. Enjoy your amish life.

3 to 5: Get Apple TV or Roku 3 instead of Google Chromecast.

5 and above : Order Chromecast now!

How to get Google Chromecast – Order from Amazon. You’ll get the device shipped as soon as inventory opens up.

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