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Posted by Prashant on March 23, 2013 in How To,Windows

Securing a computer system is an important task that every computer user needs to perform. Since we store valuable information in our computers, how to keep them protected and secure should be taken into consideration so that our PCs won’t be vulnerable to hackers, malware, and other malicious attacks. Login password is always the first choice to protect data security in Windows. However, for Windows 7 users, they may usually encounter with many issue related to Windows 7 password, say, password recovery Windows 7 when they forget it. How to deal with these problems? Here below are my suggestions.




Password is needed to be typed again after you leave for 10 minutes.

Have you ever found that after your have left your Windows 7 PC for, say,10 minutes, your computer will automatically reverts to the Windows login screen and you will have to retype in your Windows 7 login password? It is rather troublesome, in fact, especially when you’re busy with your affairs. Actually, it is not difficult to make the time limit longer or turn off the function. You can right click on your desktop and select “Personalize”. And you will find “Screen Saver” on the bottom. Enter it and you will be able to change the Wait to any number you want, say, 30. In addition, you can also disable the “On resume display logon screen”.

Windows 7 keeps saying your password is wrong, though you’re sure it’s right.

There is also such a situation: you are sure your password is correct, but your Windows 7 PC keeps telling you that your password is incorrect. What’s the matter? Does your PC go wrong? In my opinion, there may be many reasons.

Firstly, you might have used the wrong account. Many users tend to have several accounts in their Windows 7 PC. You can firstly make sure you’re logging on to the right account that matches the login password you’re using. Secondly, since password in Windows 7 are case-sensitive, check whether you have pressed the Caps Lock by accident. You should capitalize each letter in exactly the same way when you first set up it. Make sure the Caps Lock is off, and then type your password once again. Last but not least, check whether the network administrator has reset your password or not if your computer is on a network. After all, in this case, anyone who has an administrator account on your computer has the ability to change your password and doesn’t need to get the permission from you.

You can’t remember your Windows 7 password.

As we all know, in Windows Server 2008, due to the default password complexity policy, many users forget password on a regular basis and have to deal with Windows Server 2008 password recovery. Actually, Windows 7 users face the same situation. Users don’t want to change the password policy for better password security. However, they may find they can’t remember the login password one day. So what if forgot Windows 7 password?

I want to say, a password reset disk is a good choice if you have created before you forget Windows 7 password. Besides, you can also try some third-party tools. For example, John the Ripper, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, Ophcrack, etc. In addition, you can also make use of your Windows 7 installation, but it may cause data loss in the locked Windows 7 PC.

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