iTunes Tip: Setting Up Spending Allowance for your Kids

Posted by Mayank on May 19, 2012 in iTunes

If you have kids and they use iOS products like iPod, iPhone or iPad, you can setup spending allowance for your kids. Setting up spending allowance for your kids instead of using your Apple ID (and in turn your credit card) will help you limit your kids from burning a hole in your pocked. At the same time, you’ll give them the freedom and flexibility to meet their expense, buy music, apps and have fun. You’d be able to maintain a perfect balance using this approach.

This approach can also be used to restrict spending limits of yourself and any other adult as well.

How to Setup Spending Allowance in iTunes for your Kids

Launch iTunes and go to iTunes Store.

Towards the right you’ll find Quick Links. Locate Buy iTunes Gifts below that.

buy itunes gifts

Scroll down and locate Allowances. Click Set up and allowance now.

itunes allowances

Provide all the details

setup an itunes allowance

Please note that you can allocate from $10 to $50 per month for each allowance. The recipient must have their own Apple ID and the country of iTunes account should be the same for both. For example if you are in the US and the recipient is in the UK — these two store will not be compatible. Both of you need to have US or UK iTunes account.

You can chose when to issue the first instalment. Either wait until the first day of the following month or send now and then again on the first day of the following month.

Click Continue and provide you password. Provide any additional details if requested and follow any additional instructions.

As with all contractual agreements, please make sure you read and are comfortable with the terms and conditions.

At anytime you can view, change the allowance value, suspend, or cancel an allowance directly from your account information page.

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