Keynote Tutorial # 1 : Understanding Keynote Theme and Master Slides

Posted by Mayank on December 17, 2011 in Apple

Keynote Themes and Master Slides:

Every time you open Keynote, the Theme Chooser displays the Apple-designed themes available for you to use in your slideshow. What is a Theme? As the name suggest, theme is a family of master slides that create a look and feel based on preselected fonts, backgrounds, textures, table styles, chart colors, and more.

keynote themes and master slides

To begin creating your slideshow, select a theme, which best suits your purpose. Using a theme helps you keep the entire presentation in sync, for example, when you add a new text box, shape, or chart, to a slide within that theme, its colors and styles match the rest of your slideshow.

Each theme is made up of Master slides. Master slides provide different layouts of text and images in a particular themes. When you want to create a slide with particular elements — such as a title and subtitle, a bulleted list, or an image—you select the master slide that most resembles the layout you want. Master slides contain placeholders for text and images, which you replace with your own content as you construct your slideshow.

keynote master slides

Media placeholders contain photographs that you can replace with your own photos, PDFs, or movies. To place your own media, drag your own image or movie to the placeholder and it gets automatically sized, positioned, and framed to fit the slide. When you drag media to any position on the slide other than the media placeholder position, but it won’t inherit the size, frame, and other attributes.

Placeholder text can be replaced with your own text when you “Double-click to edit.” Appearance of your text will be the same as demonstrated by the default text like “Double-click to edit.” As you create a slideshow, you can add other elements, such as tables, text boxes, shapes, and other objects, to any slide.

keynote master slide recommended use

To see a preview of what other slide layouts might look like in any particular theme, move the pointer slowly over that theme’s thumbnail image. Sample slides featuring charts, tables, and text scroll through the thumbnail image as you move the pointer, to
give you a better idea and help you select a theme. Even after you’ve selected a theme and started to work, you can change your slideshow’s theme at any time, and you can use more than one theme in a document.

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