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Kindle Touch is one of the four new versions of Kindles introduced by Amazon on September 28th. Kindle Touch has Wi-Fi and has a 6″ E Ink Display. Due to be launched on November 21st, Kindle Touch is available to be pre-ordered at Deliver orders are prioritized on a first come, first served basis.

Kindle Touch is a close cousin of Kindle Touch 3G and it also does best what Kindle has been known for – Love for Reading.
The top design objective of the Kindle team has been to make Kindle Touch disappear — just like a physical book, so, that you get lost in reading and not in the technology. You can hold it in either hands and flip the pages, just as you would read a normal book.
Kindle touch

Kindle Touch is easy to hold, read and use. Kindle Touch comes with a new ergonomic design so it can be held comfortably however you choose to read. Unlike the new version of and previous versions of Kindle, Kindle Touch sports a full touchscreen display that puts page turns, navigation and note-taking at your fingertips. You can tap unknown words to call up definitions in the dictionary, highlight sections of text to send to a friend, or search, shop and type with a virtual keyboard that appears on screen just when you need it.

Amazon invented a new type of touch experience that eliminates the fatigue caused by continuously swiping to turn the page, and that allows readers to hold Kindle with either hand while still turning pages comfortably. With EasyReach, Kindle Touch users can effortlessly page forward in a book or a periodical while holding the device with either hand.

Unlike a laptop, Kindle Touch never gets hot so you can read comfortably as long as you like. Amazon Kindle is available for 99$ with advertisements and 149$ without advertisements.

Positive features of Amazon Kindle 3G

  • E Ink display with multi-touch
  • Read in Sunlight – Kindle’s high contrast, E Ink touchscreen reads like real paper, with no glare.
  • Sleek design – 8% lighter, 11% smaller, holds 3,000 books
  • Text-to-speech, plus audio books and mp3s
  • Massive book selection – Over 800,000 titles for $9.99 or less
  • 2 month battery life
  • Now you have the option to borrow Kindle books from your public library
  • Kindle books can be read on your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, BlackBerry, Mac, PC, or web browser with the free Kindle Reading Apps.
  • Email personal documents and PDFs direct to your Kindle to read and annotate on-the-go.
  • Free Cloud Backup
  • Transfer MP3 files to Kindle Touch to play as background music while you read.

Negative features of Amazon Kindle Touch

  • None!

So, Kindle Touch is a cheaper version of Amazon Kindle Touch 3G with 3 exceptions.

  • Kindle Touch is $40 cheaper than the Kindle Touch 3G
  • Kindle Touch works with Wi-Fi only.
  • Kindle Touch weighs 0.3 ounces lesser than Kindle Touch 3G

So, which version is right for you? Well, the only advantage you get with Kindle Touch 3G is the coverage area. Now that 3G is almost available through out the world, you can download new books and other items whenever you want. Kindle Touch readers will have to look for Wi-Fi connections to download new books or MP3 songs etc. If you do not travel much, I would suggest you go for Kindle Touch. If your job involves a lot of travel,you can go for the Kindle Touch 3G or even Kindle Fire.

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