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Klout score for LinkedIn

Klout score for LinkedIn

Posted by Diya on June 15, 2011 in Social Networking

linked in with Klout

Klout is a standard of influence and was started in late 2007 when Joe Fernandez was amazed to be able to instantly share his thoughts and opinions with the people who trusted him the most. More importantly, since this was happening on the social web it was scalable and measurable.
Obsessed with this idea of influence on the social web, Klout was born and an amazing team of scientists, engineers, thinkers and dreamers banded together to create a standard where one had never been before.


Klout based on social media analytics has launched its scoring mechanism for LinkedIn today. After adding your LinkedIn profile to klout, it will assess your ability to drive action and influence others. Earlier Klout integration was available for facebook and twitter for which Klout used to give score from 1 -100 wih higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. By providing feature to connect LinkedIn, Klout will help people to analyze their influence on professional social media.  Klout will analyse who you’re influencing, how you’re influencing and how much influence they have, in other words it will analyse your social media influence. If you have a linkedIn account connected to Klout then Klout has already started to score your influence in social networking. After analyzing the data from your linkedIn profile Klout will show your data in score analysis section.

While analyzing data, Klout will not give much weightage to number of connections in LinkedIn profile as Klout heavily emphasises on quality not quantity so collection connections won’t necessarily increase a user’s score.
LinkedIn integration of Klout is considered to be a benefical factor for those who are not much active on facebook and twitter and like to maintain good professional network on LinkedIn. Score of klout won’t go down even if you login infrequently on LinkedIn and most probably it will go up from your earlier score which was calculated based on your facebook and twitter influence.

Steps to link LinkedIn to Klout
If you already have a klout account then after logging , go to dashboard. You will find a box asking you to “Connect your Klout account with LinkedIn” as shown below.

Click on “Connect LinkedIn” and it will take you to linked in login window where you need to enter your your linkedIn userid/password and hit “Ok, I’ll Allow It”.

LinkedIn Oauth

Authentication method used to connect to linkedIn is secure and done by using oauth which makes sure that your account related info is not passed to third party like Klout and only provides access to you data. If you wish later, you can revoke this access anytime you want.
After this you will be shown a thanks message with a message saying that “We’re getting ready to release LinkedIn Scoring – you should see your improved Klout Score later next week!”.

LinkedIn score wait
So even if you integrate your LinkedIn account with Klout you need to wait for one week before you can start seeing a change in your Klout score.

Klout has changed the face of social media analytics and now you not only connect with your friends on facebook, followers on twitter and professional networks on LinkedIn but can also analyze your influence over others using klout rating.

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