Lark Silent Un-Alarm Clock and Sleep Sensor

Posted by Mayank on January 31, 2013 in Tech Spotlight

Is is possible to wake up early without disturbing your partner? The usual answer is No. You’re bound to disturbing our partner’s sleep just because you need to wake up and it is irrespective of the fact whether your partner did a graveyard shift or was working late in the late.

Lark Silent Un-Alarm Clock and Sleep Sensor is one such device, which will wake you up without disturbing the sleep of your partner. Lark Silent Un-Alarm Clock wristeband will wake you up less abruptly, with a gentle vibration, even if your phone battery dies.

And that’s not all….

You will also find out if you’re waking without knowing. And why you might not be performing at your best. Get a complete picture of what type of sleeper you are and how you compare with others. Wake your full potential with a revolutionary Sleep Coach developed by sleep and pro sports experts and personalized for you.

With the companion mobile app and a personal online dashboard, you will get a complete analysis of your sleep pattern, which you can use to make neccessary adjustments to sleep better (Additional recommended reading: Sleep Hacks for Success).

Lark Silent Un-Alarm Clock was available at Amazon for $99 instead of usual price of $129 when last reviewed.

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