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Likeplusone to do facebook like and google plus one simultaneously

Like+1 to do FB like and +1 simultaneously

Posted by Prashant on June 21, 2011 in Social Networking


If you like to read and share with your friends and extensively use facebook like and google plus one, then someone is thinking about how to save your energy which is utilized in clicking social media sharing buttons.

Like+1 button launched yesterday is a combination of facebook like and google plus one button. Makers of this likeplus one button Ashkan Soltani and Brian Kennish have posted on their website likeplusone that “Like plusone button is a browser extension that reduces your risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome up to 50% by turning Like into Like+1 buttons”.
If you want to do a facebook like and google +1 for a link then just press this new ‘likeplusone’ button and it’ll save you an extra click. Browser extension of Like+1 button is available for all major browsers like Firefox,Chrome, Safari and IE9.

Chrome Extension
Install the chrome extension
You can also find it in under Extensions > Fun > Like+1

Firefox Extension
Install Firefox Extension
Once you have added this extension on your browser and visit a website which has facebook like, you will now find a new button in its place i.e. ‘Like+1’ button as shown below. Existing google plus one button will remain as it is.


How to Use it?

Clicking on this likeplusone button will both do¬† both facebook like and google plusone for the link. You can also verify the same by visiting your facebook wall and checking the plus one in your google profile. Extension also allows to store your facebook likes and +1’s locally for future exporting. There is also an option to view your facebook likes and plusone using this extension.




TechCrunch has declared Like+1 as a great news for people who are suffering from button fatigue but like google plus one issue this likeplusone button also has some concerns.

FB like option gets unavailable
You’ll not see a facebook like button now and if you only want to like a link and not do a google plus one for it then you might have to think again as there is no option for the same.

No google plus done 2nd time
If you click plusonelike button again, it will unlike the post and also undo your google +1. But later if you clicked this button one more time, it will only do a facebook like and not a google plusone.

Browser limitations
Although browser extensions for Like+1 button are available but ver1.0 doesn’t support lower browsers eg. IE below ver 9 is not supported.

I think many modifications needs to be done before it can be relaunched. But I have installed it and started using it as its saving my clicks majority of times.

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