Mac Archive Utility Hack – Automatically get rid of .zip files once unarchived

Posted by Mayank on September 5, 2011 in Apple,Mac

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The Mac Archive Utility makes opening .zip files very simple. You double-click the .zip file and the OS X quickly unzips them – all this happens without any popup message or a message asking for details of destination folder or a long wait. An unzipped file is quickly created in the same folder where the zipped folder was.

Though I liked this feature, but one feature, which has always bugged me is that after I unzip it, the original .zip file still remains. For most part of my work, this original .zip file has no use to me (I like to zip files, which I no longer need, but would like to keep for future reference). It takes a lot of cleanup effort and requires me to be attentive to cleanup the original .zip files, which keep on accumulating.

I’d rather have my Mac clean up the .zip files automatically after I’ve expanded them, instead of me cleaning it up.

How to Automatically Get Rid of .zip Files Once Unarchived

Zip file handling is done by the Mac Archive Utility app and it only runs for the duration of the act of unarchiving or unzipping and then quits automatically.

The Archive Utility app can launch by navigating into /System -> Library -> CoreServices, and then opening Archive Utility. There is an easier way to launch it using Quicksilver. Launch it whichever way you prefer and once launched, you can locate at the top left of your window, Archive Utility -> Preferences to set your archiving preferences. The setting, which I use is shown below.

archive utility preferences

You can now do preferences as per your work style. You can specify a folder to expand all archives into, and tell the system what to do with the archives after expansion. You can move archives to the trash or delete them instead. You have similar options when creating archives, and can even change what method of archive creation is used.

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