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Posted by Mayank on August 8, 2013 in Games

Mad Dragon by Cycleplay is an endless adventure and full-on entertainment app, which will have you and your kids glued to the phone. There is enormous amount of curiosity when it comes to dragons and Mad Dragon is one such game, which capitalizes on that and keeps you entertained for hours.

Mad Dragon brings forward a perfect combination of a simple idea and a brilliant screen play. Backdrop is that goblins disturb a sleeping dragon and now need to face the wrath. You’re the one who can control the dragon and you do so by by controlling its anger as well as its flight. The dragon earns its flight by running on the ground and fire power by crushing goblins and destroying structures.


Game: Mad Dragon

Developer: Cycleplay

Size: 41.3 MB

Price: Free

Twist in the game is that the goblins are not stupid – they have a lot of ante up their sleeves. They have barrels of explosives, which can kill you (dragon) in a fraction of seconds and also there are explosives here and there, like stuck in a balloon, which you need to avoid at any cost.

Here is a video of the same:

You become eligible for upgrades like anger bar charge, flight bar charge, fire range, dragon appearance, wallpaper, missiles etc as you collect points. There are a lot of upgrades available too if you wish to skip the points and buy them. One such upgrade, which I found to be particularly interesting is the ability to customize your dragon and make it unique.

The game is endless, depends on how long can you play the game and how long can you keep collecting points. However, let me tell you this – it is not easy as it sounds. The game gets competitive the longer you play and the better you become at it. There are opportunities and incentives during the game to last the explosives longer and get away from instance death; collect a magnet to attract all the points. Also, there are opportunities to collect extra points. All this if you can collect the incentives.

The controls are simple – one tap control and you can compete with friends and others on leaderboard with over 70 challenging achievements.

For me, the real challenge is to control the flight and the fire power at the same time and especially using the fire power optimally. It has been a great fun for me and my family since we downloaded it. It is a great time killer, especially with kids in a back seat and you enjoying a long drive.

Rating: ★★★★½

Availability: App Store and Google Play


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