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Posted by Prashant on February 19, 2013 in Android

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MegaFlux is a mind bending fun puzzle game for Android devices. Game starts with a grid of nano pipes which needs to be arranged in such a way so that the same color flux reaches the processor of the same color.  Flux is used to power the processor and depending on the grid size of your level, there may be multiple processors of different colors.


Does it sound simple? If it does then wait till you play in a larger grid in challenge mode. When I first played this game, it took a while for me to understand it. Thanks to the inbuilt help section, I was able to learn all the rules pretty quickly and then it was time to actually apply those rules.  With smaller grid you would find it to be easier to simply adjust the nano pipes to get the flux flowing to the right colored processor. The components can be rotated to change the direction in which grid flows. There is a timer which keeps on running and records your overall time to solve the current puzzle. It will also help you in getting scoring high and get stars based on your performance.

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There are 2 modes in which game can be played. Relaxed Mode – Consists of unlimited random levels with size and difficulty choices. Challenge Mode – Consists of more than 50 challenging levels. Few components will even modify the Flux entering it.

You can create your own levels with 80+ tiles to unlock and there are 66 medals that can be won. MegaFlux also allows you to share your scores with your friends and others. Overall your will enjoy this game and it can turn into addiction really soon.


  • 2 modes
  • Exciting and Challenging


If you like puzzle games, then you are going to love MegaFlux.

How to Download MegaFlux

You can download MegaFlux directly from Google Play or simply scan your QR Code.

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