Merge and Split PDF Files Without Downloading Any Software

Posted by Prashant on April 13, 2012 in How To,Interestingness

PDF is one of most popular format for documents and if you scan your documents you have option to save them as PDF files. Sometimes you may want to merge multiple PDF files into one or may need to split an existing PDF file into multiple PDF files. There are many software that you can download which can do the task for you but I prefer to use online utility for such easy tasks.

Merge Multiple PDF Files into One

PDF Merge is an online utility which can easily convert multiple PDF files into one in just fraction of seconds. You just need to select your files from your computer and click Merge to start merging. By default you will see browse button for only 4 files but you can add as many files as you want by just clicking ‘More Files’ button.

If files that you are merging are confidential then you can also use the Secure connection for PDF merge which uses SSL encryption so data transfer between your computer and this online utility is secure and encrypted.

Split Single Large PDF File into Multiple Files

Similar to PDFMerge, SplitPDF helps you split a single large PDF files into multiple PDF files. You can split the files based on the page number and can also save those pages into one PDF files or multiple PDF Files.

Some other utilities that you may want to try are HTMLPDF which converts a HTML page in PDF, though if you use chrome web browser then you can directly give the print command and then save the HTML page as PDF.

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