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No FaceTime Icon ?

No FaceTime Icon ?

Posted by Diya on June 14, 2011 in Apple,iPhone,Mac

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Trying to make a FaceTime call and you see no FaceTime icon ? This is a common problem and irrespective of the fact how user friendly Apple products are, it somehow not easy to locate the FaceTime icon and make the first FaceTime call. Almost every one wonders “There is no FaceTime button in my phone” or even “FaceTime is not showing up”. There isn’t a need to turn on FaceTime. It is a relatively simple solution :

Go to the Contacts app or PhoneBook app and locate the entry of the person who wish to do FaceTime with. You will find the FaceTime icon present as shown below :

With FaceTime, you can make video calls with another iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad Touch (4th generation), or a FaceTime for Mac user over a Wi-Fi connection. In order to make a FaceTime call, you need their phone # or their email id (Apple Id). Which one you use is determined by the device you are calling:

When calling an iPhone 4 : Use the phone # of the person you’re calling

When calling an iPod 4th gen or iPad 2 or FaceTime for Mac : Use the email id of the person you’re calling

On iPad 2, iPod touch, and FaceTime for Mac, you need to add a person as a contact using the FaceTime or Contacts app before you can call them.

While using FaceTime for the first time, you may get the error Unable to verify email because it is in use. Please click the URL to resolve unable to verify email because it is in use. You may also face the error”FaceTime Failed – xxx is not available for FaceTime. Please click this URL to resolve xxx is not available for facetime. Another common error is FaceTime- Waiting for Activation error. Please click this URL to resolve Facetime Waiting for Activation Error.

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