NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder

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fish finder  is an instrument used to locate fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of sound energy, as in a sonar. A modern fishfinder displays measurements of reflected sound on a graphical display, allowing an operator to interpret information to locate schools of fish, underwater debris, and the bottom of body of water.

Fish finder instruments are used both by sport and commercial fishermen. Fishfinders allow a high degree of integration between the fishfinder system, marine radar, compass and GPS navigation systems, making it easy to spot and catch fishes. Let’s review NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder and see if it is the fish finder you’re looking for.

NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder Review

Norcross Hawkeye F33P uses an ultra wide, 45 degree sonar beam angle, which helps deliver accurate depth, fish and bottom structure readings from 1.5 to 99.9 feet. It handles low temperatures as well — down to 0 oF. The unit includes a trollable, mountable, and floatable sonar sensor with 35 feet of cable and cable tie-strap.

The NorCross Hawkeye F33P is exceptionally easy to use. Information related to depth, fish, weed, and contour readings are received in a second. With its “SideScan” adapter, the F33P can also attach to a broomstick handle to scan under weeds, lily pads, ice, or docks. For added convenience, this system comes with mounting tabs for hull mounting of your portable fish finder to canoes, kayaks, and jon boats.

The F33P delivers reliable readings by using algorithmic programming. This reduces the number of false readings, while the unit’s fish identifier, depth scale, and two-stage audible fish alarm ensure that you’ll always know exactly what kind of fish you’re closing in on. Designed to hold up under all kinds of conditions, the antenna is powered by four “AAA” batteries for 20 hours of continuous use, the backlit display prevents eye strain, and a special LCD protector eliminates condensation in the display.


The screen definition is excellent and very accurate. The depth finder is very accurate, but not as accurate as an average fish finder mounted permanently to a boat. The screen is very easy to see outdoors in direct sunlight, I never had a problem with viewing the screen at any time during the day. The battery life appears to be pretty long.


No way to tell what size the fish are, the indication shows a school of 3 inch minnows the same as it does a 30″ Chinook Salmon. The long cord is annoying to deal with.

Bottom Line:

I recommend this fishfinder for anyone with low budget. Also works fine if you want to kayak.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Where to Buy:

Buy NorCross HawkEye F33P at Amazon. Why Amazon? You’ll save sales tax! Assuming a sales tax of 7%, you will end up saving close to $6 and if you have Amazon Credit Card – you will get reward points equivalent of $3, which equates to a total saving of about $11 when you buy from Amazon.

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