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Posted by Mayank on July 28, 2013 in Games

Hangman is the classic word game we’ve all enjoyed since childhood. Play Hangman for Kindle brings this thought-provoking puzzler into the Digital Age. Get smarter. Get Play Hangman.

– Five different levels of difficulty, from Very Easy to Very Hard, make this appropriate for children and people learning English, all the way up to word game players who do the crossword puzzle in ink!

– Need a hint? Just ask and Play Hangman randomly fills in a blank to point you to the right puzzle solution.

– Thousands and thousands of words. You’ll never run out of game fun with Play Hangman.

play hangman on kindle

– Play Hangman is so easy to learn, following the traditional ‘eight misses and you’re out’ rule. But don’t worry. With a tap, there’s another game ready to put your brain back to work.

Download today and get some brain exercise with Play Hangman.

play hangman

Availability: Amazon

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