Play Prince of Persia on a PC using Prince of Persia Excel

Posted by Mayank on June 10, 2012 in Downloads,Games

Price of Persia game, the classic fighting game of the 90´s decade is now available in your Excel spreadsheets, thanks to the game Price of Persia Excel.

The Prince of Persia was a revolution in story telling and fighting games of the 90’s decade, due to its age old story of love, good, bad and evil. Prince of Persia it´s a platform game series in which our character must rescue the princess from the evil vizier Jaffar, to rescue the princess our young prince must cover all levels of passageways to deal with Jaffar.

Free Download Price of Persia for PC : Price of Persia Excel

* Please note that the excel file is in zip format and you will have to unzip it before you can use it.

You can now enjoy Price of Persia Excel on your PC in your office, while your colleagues think that you’re doing some heavy duty data crunching using Microsoft Excel. Once again, here is the link to download free Price of Persia Excel

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