PNY 64 GB Attache 3 Review

Posted by Mayank on April 20, 2012 in Review

PNY is a USB3 memory stick with a 64 GB of storage capacity. The drive is wrapped in a sturdy grey matte finish aluminium case. The capless seek retractable design is easy to carry around. It works with both Mac and PC and provides the ultimate storage device.

Standard USB 3 technology uses a dual simplex communication system, wherein data read and write takes place on two channels simultaneously at a speed which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. USB 3.0 can reach transfer speed of up to 600 MB per second.

PNY 64 GB Attaché 3 provides the ultimate mobile storage solution for people on the go. Whether working on a presentation or want to share a new song, pictures, or video with your friends? Simply copy the file onto Attaché and take it with you — put it in your pocket, wear it, put it in your backpack or briefcase and you’re good to go. To access your data, simply plug Attaché into virtually any PC or MAC — without the need for bulky cables or adapters. Access your files. Anytime. Anywhere.

During our testing, we found read and write speeds of 120 MB/s and 70 MB/s respectively for large files. When the same files were transferred using USB 2.0, the transfer speeds were much lesser – about 32 MB/s and 28 MB/s.

PNY 64 GB is available for around $60 at Amazon and PNY 32GB is available for around $25 at Amazon.

PNY 64 and 32 may cost slightly higher than other USB 2.0 drives, but the performance is substantially better.

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