PS3 Error Code 80710723 Fix [How to]

Posted by Mayank on December 27, 2011 in PlayStation 3

PS3 Error Code 80710723 stands for either a network or a router error. At times, this error occurs when gamers try to perform the needful software upgrade of their PS3 console. If you tried to update the process numerous times and still get the same error code 80710723, don’t worry — Try the following steps:

Rather than trying each of the solutions mentioned here, you can also try the PS3 Repair Kit.

1. Try the Basics to fix PS3 Error Code 80710723

Try the basics first. Many a times, getting the basics right will resolve the PS3 Error Code 80710723 you’re getting.

  1. Network or router error can happen because of improper connection. Try and remove and congestion, which can cause the signal to drop.
  2. Ensure that your PS3 is not get overheated. If overheated, let is cool down and then try again.
  3. Make sure all the connections are firm and there isn’t any loose connection.

2. Reset Connections to PS3 Error Code80710723

Go to Settings > Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings > (if wired, choose path 1. if wireless, choose path 2.)

1. Wired Connection > Custom > Manual Settings > Auto Detect > Automatic > Do Not Set > Mnual ( DNS1 : , DNS2 : ) > Auto > Do Not Use > Enable > X > X

2. Wireless > Enter Manually > ( Enter SSID or Continue ) > ( Choose Security or Continue ) > Custom > Auto > Do Not Set > Manual ( DNS1 : , DNS2 : ) > Auto > Do Not Use > Enable > X > X

3. Change Firewall Rules to fix PS3 Error Code 80710723

Firewall rules might be a cause of the error code 80710723 and you need to open a few ports, namely:

TCP ports: 80, 443, 5223

UDP ports: 3478, 3479, 3658.

You can open the ports by going to the control panel and then to firewall settings. Add the ports mentioned above.

4. If PlayStation3 Error Code 80710723 Persists Still..

You can try the PS3 Repair kit and see if it helps. The PS3 Repair Kit is a hugely popular Do-It-Yourself kit for many of the known PS3 problems. PS3 Repair Kit comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 60 days, which makes it a safe bet to try and fix your PS3 before you send it to Sony.

If you’re not interested in PS3 Repair Kit, you can try to format your PS3 unit and basically erase all the data on it and hopefully this will restore your system back to normal. If it doesn’t work, there isn’t much you can do except to send it to Sony for repair.

Formatting or sending it to Sony can be a costly affair.

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