Real Time Traffic Data included in Google Maps

Posted by Prashant on March 30, 2012 in Google

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New update in Google Maps now shows real time traffic data for a particular route. Currently available in major metropolitan cities, whenever you get direction from a source to target destination, you will be shown time taken in current traffic also .

For e.g. as per the below screenshot if you plan to go to Willis Tower Skydeck , Chicago from NavyPier Chicago it would have taken 9 minutes on E Grand Ave but due to traffic at the time of search, total time taken would have been 13 minutes.


Using this real time traffic info, user can now plan their trip accordingly and manage time properly. Just Go to Google Maps and search for your route. If you don’t see the estimated time due to current traffic, then the traffic data is unavailable for the route you searched for. If you want to use maps on android phone without 3g or Wifi, check this link.

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