Recommend ads to your Friends using +1 button [New]

Posted by Prashant on November 13, 2011 in Google


Now Google’s +1 button has become more powerful and will soon start appearing on display ads. Google’s +1 button was introduced few months ago which allowed users to recommend online content to their friends.

After launching Google+, +1 button was extended to other Google products and soon you will see it at the bottom of Display ads. Few days ago, I noticed the +1 button at the bottom screen of a YouTube Ad and now I can see it more frequently on YouTube.  There are many awesome ads that users like to share with their friends for which they either share them on social network or send the URL links. But with +1 button now you will be able to recommend these ads by just pressing the +1 button. Below is a screenshot of how this +1 button will look like.

+1 button for ads

To recommend any Advertisement to your friend just press the +1 button which is visible in the Ad. If you’re not logged into your Google account then you will be asked to sign into it. This way your recommendation will be shown to your circle.

This was also updated on Google Inside adwords blog “Starting today, if you’re running display ads through the Google Display Network, you may begin seeing the +1 button and annotations with your ads. Now, with a single click, people can recommend your ads’ landing pages to their friends and contacts.”

This ad recommendation will help both advertisers and users as advertisers will be able to study the response of user to their ads and users who might be planning to buy something can see related recommendations from their friends.


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