Remembering Steve Jobs | Our Top 10 Steve Jobs Moments [Videos]

Posted by Mayank on October 5, 2012 in Interestingness

2012 has been a big year for Apple, whether it was the launch of the iPhone 5, or the epic Apple-Samsung patents trial where the iPhone-maker emerged as a winner. It’s also been Apple’s first year in a post-Steve Jobs world. October 5th marks the first death anniversary of the Apple co-founder who passed away at the age of 56, bringing an end to an era of innovation

Today we try and revisit one of his most memorable and classic moments. From his cocky early days launching Macintosh, to his triumphant return to the company, to his jeans-and-black-shirt days of the iPod, iPhone and iPad — he kept keynote attendees and employees alike on the edge of their seats until his last “one more thing.”

10. A younger, less seasoned Steve preparing for his first ever television interview

9. Steve Jobs demos Apple Macintosh

8. Steve Jobs and Microsoft at Macworld Boston 1997

7. Steve Jobs Introduces the First iMac

6. Steve Jobs introduces the First iPod

5. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together: Part 1

 4. Steve Jobs takes a dig at Windows

3. Steve Jobs introduces the iPad

2. Steve Jobs was firing on all cylinders as he introduces the iPhone

1. Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech

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