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Remove Desktop Clutter – Hide Your Shame

Remove Desktop Clutter – Hide Your Shame

Posted by Mayank on September 18, 2011 in How To,Productivity

Most of us have the habit of saving the working files and documents in the desktop and then organizing them to proper places (be it the same computer or archive to an external drive) later on when we get time. Many a times, it takes a long long time before we get time and sometimes, we’re too lazy to organize them. So, what do you do if you have a presentation coming up?

How do you deal with the files and documents on your desktop. You do not want your audience to see the files and documents on your desktop. You do you deal with such a desktop clutter in the most effective way? One way is to move all those files to a drive and deal with them at a later point of time. However, that is not the most effective way. Mac users make use of Desktop Curtain for the purpose.

desktop curtain

Desktop Curtain is a simple Mac app to remove desktop clutter and gives you a virtual desktop till whatever time you need. In fact, remove is not the right word, i should say hide desktop clutter. As the name suggests, you can use this tool to hide your desktop clutter. It s a perfect tool for teachers, presenters, sales representatives, writers, developers, or anyone else who needs to take screenshot of his or her desktop. Desktop Curtain helps you take screenshots with clean desktops!

With Desktop Clutter, you don’t have to waste time moving files on and off your desktop when Desktop Curtain can make your desktop look spotless in a jiffy! Desktop Curtain lets you set images via drag and drop or the standard file dialog and it remembers 10 most recently used images.

desktop curtain

You also get to control the level at which the desktop curtain image floats (how much portion it covers) and whether it affects all monitors or just one. It is like a virtual desktop which you can use whenever you want.

Available for Free and for $1.99, Desktop Curtain is very helpful and you do not need to clamor around when you need to do a presentation or take desktop screenshot. It is the easiest way out and quite an effective one. Desktop Curtain runs in 3 modes, including a fully-invisible mode perfect for those who take screenshots.

In the latest 2.2 version of Desktop Curtain, there is a Boss mode which immediately places a curtain in front of everything on the screen.



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