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Posted by Prashant on August 17, 2011 in Google+

Google Plus launched the games sections just a few days ago & it has already made people addicted to it. Launch of Google Plus games was much awaited and currently it has 16 featured games including one of the most popular game Angry Birds. To play games you need to click on the Games icon on the top of your Google+ Profile and then choose the game to play. When first time you click on the game to play, it would ask you for permission to allow access to your Google+ profile and other info related to your account. Information accessed by particular app or game is mentioned in this section and you should carefully review it before allowing the access. Here is a list of commonly required info

  • View your name, public profile URL, and photo
  • View your gender and birthdate
  • View your country, language, and timezone
  • View a list of people from your circles that you may want to engage with
  • The list is ordered based on your interactions with these people across Google
  • View public profile information for these people
In past issues have been reported in Facebook where few authorized applications/games have accessed user profile info and have shared with third parties. Although such activity was a complete violation of Facebook developer policy and strict action was taken against those found to be guilty. But to avoid the similar situation in Google+, lets learn how we can remove the access of Google+ games & applications to get your information related to your profile.

How to revoke access of Google+ games & applications?

Step1: Google+ Account Settings Page

Click on your name in the right hand side of black Google+ plus bar located on the top of your browser window. Then Go to Account Settings.
In the “Account Overview” section, click on Edit link next to “Authorizing applications & Sites“.

Step2: Revoke Access of Games from Google Accounts

Next screen will show you the list of all applications & games that have access to your Google account. This list would also include applications which you might not have added on Google+ but might have allowed to access your Google profile data using other Google services like YouTube etc.
To remove the access of games or any other applications click on “Revoke Access” button next to it. A confirmation message will be shown to confirm the revocation of access.
Once access is removed, application will not be able to access your profile information. Also if you want to play the game later you would have to grant the access when prompted by the game.

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