Safari Search Bar Missing?

Posted by Mayank on July 26, 2012 in Browsers,Mac

OS X Mountain Lion is here and one of the significant changes, which it brought along is the new Safari version – Safari 6.0. Once you install Safari 6.0 or upgrade to Mountain Lion, you will notice a significant change in the look and feel of the new Safari.

One of the significant changes, which you will observe is that the Search Bar has gone missing in Safari 6.0

If you’re running older version of Safari, here’s how to resolve Safari Address Bar missing.

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This is how the older version (5.x) of Safari looked like

And this is how the newer version of Safari 6.0 looks like:


Noticed the difference? Safari search bar is missing because Safari 6.0 provides only one simple search field for both search terms and web addresses. As you search, Safari always stays one step ahead. It suggests a Top Hit, popular search terms, and pages from your bookmarks and history to help you find a web page fast.

Click Like below to get a Free User Guide on Safari : Survival Guide – Safari

So, go ahead and use the new look Safari. Interestingly, Safari 6.0 has been released only for Mac and there isn’t an upgraded version available for PC.

Some other features in this new version of Safari are : Tab View shows your open tabs. Just pinch to see them all and swipe to switch between them. When you open web pages on your iPhone or iPad, iCloud Tabs makes them available on your Mac, too.So you can pick up browsing wherever you left off. And now that Safari saves entire web pages in your Reading List — not just the links — you can catch up on your reading even without an Internet connection. Safari delivers the fastest JavaScript of any browser. So you get the best of the web.


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