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Posted by Mayank on September 13, 2011 in Google

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Google’s new service has taken flight today, 09/13. This new service, named Google Flights is a new flight search service, which made competition hotter for existing travel search players like Orbitz and Kayak.

Flight Search is the first product of Google’s controversial $700 million purchase in July 2010 of ITA, the world’s largest airline search software company. ITA data is used on websites including Kayak, Orbitz,, TripAdvisor and Microsoft’s Bing, as well as a number of airlines’ websites. In April 2011, the Department of Justice said Google could buy ITA only if the search giant accepted certain restrictions to avoid a monopoly.

When a user searches for flight information, a “Flights” link appears in the left hand side of Google’s search page.¬†Google Flight Search can also be accessed directly at For the sake of example, lets search for “flights from Chicago to Boston” save with google flights

If you click on the link “Flights”, it will take you to and will display you a shortlist of flights based on cost and total travel time, including various departure times and airlines. Filters are available to manipulate the search criteria based on travel dates, price and flight duration.

save with google flights

One unique feature, which is sure to get copy cats is the open-ended destination: Say, you’re not sure where you want to go – all you know is that you have a budget (say $350) and a vacation (start and end date). You can do a open-ended destination search and Google will provided you which all places you can visit for this criteria. For example, the below chart illustrates that I can potentially visit several cities under $350 for my vacation from 9/22 to 10/3. Now, it is up to me make my mind as to where I can go.

save with google flights

Flight Search is currently limited to round-trip economy-class flights between certain U.S. cities, but it will be expanded in the future. Also, Google added that the selection of flights shown is not influenced by any paid relationships with the airlines.

So, a few new options to save money with Google Flights. As you already know, the more flexible you can be with your flight, more likely it is that you will save more. Try Google Flights let us know your experiences.

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