Scribbly Stylus

Posted by Mayank on January 21, 2013 in Tech Spotlight

Looks can be deceiving. First look of Scribbly will give you an impression that these are permanent markers without the top cover. Think no further, Scribbly looks like a permanent marker, but is a stylus made for tablets. Scribbly is the original market pen stylus for the iPad.

Have a look at this interesting stylus for the iPad.

Scribbly stylus sports a seemingly durable nib, which is precise, responsive and provides equally good control when used with an iPhone or even an iPod. Stylus was the last thing in his mind, when Steve Jobs designed the iPhones and iPads, however, I’ve found stylus to be a good companion when your fingers feel stressed out.

It comes down to taste and also hand size, but of all the styluses I have tested I prefer the fatter ones. They’re easier to grip, especially for those who grab a pen or a pencil once or twice a day and have lost the flair of pens and pencils.

Scribbly is a joy to hold when drawing and painting digitally. Scribbly stylus is sold via Amazon.


The Scribbly Marker Pen iPad Stylus from Scribbly Stylus on Vimeo.

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