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Posted by Prashant on September 9, 2011 in Google,How To

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Whenever you type a query on Google , thousands of results are shown related to the query. Although there are only 10 results on first page and majority of users access links from first page only but still sometimes it gets tough to choose a result from top 10. Even if you read brief description or see an Instant preview of the page in search results , you are not always sure that the content quality of the website will match your requirements.

To ease this problem, you can decide to get results based on the reading level. It means Google can help you in deciding which website to access by showing you the reading level of the content on the website. Reading level of a webpage varies from basic to intermediate to advanced. If you are new to the topic , you would most preferably access a website which has a reading level of basic or if you already know so many things about the topic then chances are you will end up on a website with intermediate or advanced reading level.

How to search Google based on Reading level?

You can enable Google search based on reading level by firstly clicking on “Advanced Search” link just below Google search button. On the advanced search page, under ‘Need more Tools?’ section click on drop down button next to ‘Reading Level’ field and set the value to “annotate results with reading levels” as shown below.

google search with reading level

After this click on the “Advanced Search” button on the bottom of this screen.

Now when you search on Google for any query results will be shown with their reading level which will help you in deciding which website to access. In the example shown below,I searched for “google plus tips” on Google¬†after enabling reading level in advanced settings.

google search with reading level

Google also shows you a graphical format of the results based on their reading level. For example 60% results for search query “google plus tips” are of intermediate level whereas only 40% are for basic level. In the below screenshot content on is shown at intermediate level, which could be because our website has large collection of articles on the Google Plus ranging from basic to intermediate and advanced level.

sguide for reading level

Now next time you search Google and get confused about which link to access, don’t forget to enable the reading level search for Google.

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