Sharing Files between Dropbox and Non Dropbox Users [How to]

Posted by Mayank on August 29, 2011 in Dropbox

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Filestork is a web service that lets enables sharing between your friends, family members or clients, even if all of them are not DropBox users. FileStork enables Dropbox users to request or allow individuals to upload files into their Dropbox account. If your requests to your friends or clients or family members has fallen on deaf ears, FileStork is the solution which will please all. Filestork is a free and by using Filestork, you don’t need to create and install a Dropbox account. In fact, you don’t even need to create a Filestork account.

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To start using Filestork, head over to and click the “Get Started” button. You will be asked to logon to your Dropbox account and ask for your permission to connect the two accounts. Hit Allow.

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To send a request, click Create New Request from the left-hand column and choose One-time Request. In the same page, fill out the e-mail addresses for your intended recipients (up to 15 recipients), type out a message for your request, and name the folder where the files will reside in your Dropbox account. You can also restrict the types of files people can upload and password-protect your request.

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With one-time requests, all the recipients will get an e-mail with a link that will take them to the FileStork site, where they’ll be greeted with a simple page with two large buttons: Select Files and Send. All they need to do is click the Select Files button, find the files on their hard drive you’ve requested, and hit Send. File will come to your Dropbox account.

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A folder titled FileStork is created in your Dropbox account, and the folders you create for each request are located inside it, with subfolders by recipient e-mail inside those. You need to create a new folder for each request for files; you can’t specify that files get added to an existing folder. Only downside I see with using Filestork is that it has a file-limit size of 75MB. This is however is non-issue when you take into account the free, simple and useful service you’re getting

Is FileStork Secure?

Yes! The connection between your computer and Filestork service is secured using bank-grade SSL encryption. In addition, communication from Filestork to Dropbox is secured with the same level of encryption. Files uploaded through FileStork are encrypted at every stage in the request: from the individual’s computer to our server, and from our server to your Dropbox account. Files which are uploaded through FileStork are never stored on their servers. Files uploaded to FileStork are sent directly to your Dropbox account.

How do I disable FileStork from accessing my Dropbox? You can disconnect FileStork from your Dropbox account at anytime by visting

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