Should You Turn Off Your PC or Put it in Sleep Mode

Posted by Mayank on December 30, 2012 in How To

Some people believe that a PC’s startup and shutdown processes create wear and tear and therefore opt to leave their machines running 24×7. Some experts also believe in the same and recommend leaving your PC in running mode forever.

Other think that keeping your PC running forever is a waste of energy and prefer to shutdown their PC when their work is finished. They do not believe that startup and shutdown processes causes wear and tear and instead it is continuous running of your PC which causes wear and tear.

According to Iolo Labs, sleep mode wins the battle!

As per Iolo Labs, when you leave your PC to sleep at night instead of leaving it continuously, you save up to $2 per month in energy costs as well as about 25 minutes of startup and shutdown time. This study by Iolo Labs did not include hibernate mode.

When you keep your computer in Sleep mode – it still drawing some power. However, when you keep your computer in Hibernate mode, it is effectively off!

In any case, I believe there is enough merit in saving $2 per month and 25 minutes per month ($24 per year and 6 hours each year) just by putting your computer in sleep mode at night or when not using. As your computer grows old, the boot up time keeps on increasing forever – you’ll save all that time and keep yourself free from frustration.

You can also choose the power settings you need in your computer by going to the Control Panel and selecting Power Options.


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