Status People Lets You Find Out Fake Twitter Followers

Posted by Prashant on August 27, 2012 in How To,Twitter

“Oh ! This guy has got so many Followers. He must be very popular ” Is that what you think when you see someone having thousands of followers on Twitter. What if you knew that most of those followers are fake.

Status People is a web based application which lets you find out percentage of Fake or Inactive Followers of a Twitter account. Most of celebrities and politicians have very high number of followers and though we believe most of them are actual followers but you will be surprised to know that a major percentage of it is fake.

It is well known fact that many brands and people pay money to get hundreds and thousands of followers overnight. Recently few politicians have came into limelight about getting a huge rise in number of Twitter Followers in just couple of days. If you look at the Terms of Status People , here is what it says

“We take no responsibility or liability for any upset or perceived damage that this site may cause you, financial or otherwise.If you have purchased fake followers and this site reveals that fact to the wider World that is your problem. Not ours.”

Fake Follower application by Status People lets you connect you Twitter account and then gathers the data from your account and then give you a percentage of Inactive, Fake and Actual Followers.

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You can also find the scores of any Twitter user. Just need to enter their Twitter Handle and within seconds you will know the truth about their actual number of followers. Recent update on Status People Blog claims that they are 97% correct in their calculations.

Explaining How Fake Follower works , Status People mentioned that ” We take a sample of your follower data. Up to 1,000 records depending on how ‘popular’ you are and assess them against a number of simple spam criteria. On a very basic level spam accounts tend to have few or no followers and few or no tweets. But in contrast they tend to follow a lot of other accounts.

We did a Fake Follower check on Survival Guide’s Twitter account and found out that only 2% of our followers are fake which we believe may have been result of some spam. You can go ahead and check number of Fake Followers on your account and make sure you check it for a new account that you want to follow.

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