Tab for Google Plus App for Mac [Review]

Posted by Prashant on September 6, 2011 in Google,Google+,Mac

tab for google plus app for mac

Tab for Google Plus is a Mac client for Google+ needs and is available in Apple’s Mac store. This app is useful for those who don’t prefer to check their Google Plus account via browser mode. Once installed Tab for Google Plus App will move to top menu bar of your Mac and will be easily accessible by a single click.



Features of Tab for Google Plus App for Mac

App was launched recently by FIPLab Ltd and is freely available in Mac store with only 0 .3 MB in size. After you finish downloading and installing this app , you can start exploring its feature. If you access it for the first time , it will require you to login using your Google Plus accounts details and then it will show you the home page for the app.

Home Screen of the app has links to Stream, Photos, Circles, Profile and Notification. Clicking on any of these will show the respective content. Also below these major Google+ icons, you can access help, send feedback, read privacy policy and terms of service of Google Plus.













  • By default this app is configured to start at login but it can be also be activated using Hot key combination i.e. Command + Shift +D.
  • Stream section besides allowing you to view posts from you circles, also has an option to view nearby and incoming post from someone not in your circles sharing with you.
  • User can also create post by going to stream section and clicking the pencil icon on the top right corner of the app.
  • Allows to share posts with particular circle and user can also geo tag his/her location.

With easy to use interface and having majority of Google Plus features , I found few  issues with this app.

  • Load time is slower sometimes especially while fetching People in your circles & fetching circle name while posting.
  • Advertisements also annoys few users.
  • Sparks are not accessible from this app


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