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Posted by Prashant on September 8, 2011 in Facebook,How To

tag friends in post

Since long Facebook users have been able to tag their friends in the photo albums. Now the new features in Facebook allows users to tag their friends in a new post also. Whenever you are writing a new post, you can tag your friends to show that they are with you while you are posting. In addition to your friends circle this post will visible to the friends of anyone who is tagged in your post.

To increase awareness among its users, Facebook is showing these options while users type a new post now. Here are 3 features which Facebook encourages its users to use.

Tag someone in Post on Facebook

If you want to tag someone in your wall post , click on the add person button just below the new post box. Then you can add the name of your friends who are with you. for e.g. In the below post I shared “Going to play football” and then I tagged my friends in the post and they are automatically added in my post too.

new post on Facebook
tag people in Facebook postThis post will be visible to your friends and the friends of the people who have been tagged in the post.

Add place in the Facebook Post

Geotagging feature is also present while posting a new post now. Users can add his/her current city by clicking on the Location button. Location button will get the current location of the user and add it to the post. In the screenshot on the right you can see what these buttons looks like.



Control privacy of Facebook Post

control privacy of Facebook post

Although this feature to control privacy was present in the past too but now Facebook has started suggesting this feature to its users while they post. Using this option, you can decide that with whom you want to share your posts. You can share your posts with your friends, make it public or can customize it to be visible to only few people and or restrict it for few users.


Earlier “Public” was labelled as “Everyone” and now may be to have features similar to Google Plus, Facebook is making all the positive changes to the world most largest social networking website.

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