Thesis 2.0 Review

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Thanks to innovation in key areas, Thesis, a WordPress based premium theme has been an industry standard for a few years now. Thesis theme empowered users to tweak their designs with point-and-click controls and also integrated SEO functionality directly into the theme, reducing the daunting tasks ensuring that your webpages met the webmasters guidelines. Thesis created a new niche segment itself, where web designers could take a thesis framework and sell their design or websites for a premium.

First version of Thesis theme came out in 2008 and it has been a good two years that Thesis 2.0 is being anticipated. Well, to say that Chris Pearson worked on Thesis 2.0 in complete secrecy (just like Apple products) will not be completely incorrect. Chris could have made millions of dollars by simply providing a new coat of paint to the Thesis theme, just like what many other web designers are doing.

However, thankfully, for Chris it was never about money. It was about building the best website engine on the planet. It was about solving the problems that prevent you from running a website that is everything you want it to be. Thesis 2.0 is a result of over two years of hard work to build the new engine that will define the future.

Thesis 2.0 Review

Thesis 2 has been designed to make 3 things super easy:

  1. Implement a new design from time to time
  2. Add functionality as your site or business grows
  3. Incorporate the add-ons from step 2 into your design

Each of these steps has a host of problems associated with it, and worse—any of those problems can derail your website performance and momentum if not handled properly. Thesis 2 solves these problems in innovative, powerful new ways.

Thesis Skins: The Answer for Your Design Needs

Prior to Thesis 2.0, all Thesis theme skins were primarily a collection of template files or a bunch of PHP code that made up your website, which made it essentially a “developers-only” solution.

For an average user, it never made any sense as he or she always had to hire a designer. This is where Thesis Skins and the new Thesis Skin Editor in Thesis 2.0 saves the day for you. With Thesis 2.0, everyone from novices to experts will interact with Skins through the Thesis Skin Editor, an amazing new visual environment for building templates and managing your design.


thesis 2.0 review

The Thesis Skin Editor gives you a new, visual way to edit HTML that makes working with templates fast and easy. Pretty soon, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Thesis Boxes: Add-on Functionality on Steroids

Thesis Boxes are similar to WordPress plugins. With Thesis Boxes, you can activate a plugin and have it incorporated into your site without the use of template files and code? Activate a Thesis Box, and boom—it gets queued up for use in your current Skin, no matter which Skin you’re using!

Where Thesis 2.0 gets stands out is the fact that everything is point-and-click in the Thesis Skin Editor, so you’ll never be limited by your knowledge of code.

From now on, you no longer need to worry if your Skin supports a particular feature. With Thesis Boxes, you will always be able to add precisely the piece you need, when you need it, and where you want it.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Thesis Packages: Conquering CSS Once and for All

Stylesheets are getting bigger, more complicated, and less efficient because no real innovation has occurred in the CSS space in over 10 years. Enter Thesis Packages, which allow you to deploy even the most complicated CSS without writing any code.

CSS doesn’t have to be an overwhelming maze of code. Thesis Packages give you point-and-click editing capabilities that just make sense.

To understand how Thesis Packages work, just think about a dropdown navigation menu. Dropdown navigation menus consist of complicated structural CSS coupled with simpler elements that everybody understands, like colors and fonts. The complicated elements are especially tricky because they play a huge role in determining whether or not your design is cross-browser compatible.

Thesis Packages does the hard work for you, while leaving you to interface with the stuff you actually care about—colors, fonts, and other simple properties.

thesis 2.0 review

To Buy or Not to Buy Thesis 2.0

This is a no brainer question. Thesis 2.0 packs all the punch to be the best WordPress theme of it’s time. Just like you have iPhones out there and competitors chasing it, same is with Thesis. What Chris has done with Thesis 2.0 – you’ll soon see everyone doing the same! So, if you want to be ahead in the rat race and save yourself time – Get Thesis 2.0 now!

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

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