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Posted by Prashant on September 1, 2011 in Google,Google+

google plus avatar

If you access any of major Google service, there is one thing that always remain with you i.e. Google’s plus bar which remains on the top of your webpage. Google Plus bar helps one to easily navigate from one Google service to another and also allows users to directly share their status on Google Plus irrespective of service being used.  Behavior and look of Google Plus bar changes based on the type of Google service being accessed. Below are the 3 common avatars of Google Plus bar.

Avatar1 : Google Plus bar (normal web version)

Few days before Google launched its social networking platform Google+, it changed the look of its search page as shown below. At that time no one publicly knew the big plans of Google and just thought it to be just a new theme for Google services. In the general version of plus bar the service which you are accessing is highlighted with a red bar on the top of the its name for e.g. in the below screenshot Web is highlighted which means service being used at this time is Google Search. Similarly if you access image, videos , news etc. red bar will move on the top of that service.

Also if you have noticed that majority of these Google services are related to search which doesn’t necessarily require a Google account.

Service Listed in order: Web : Images : Videos : Maps : News : Shopping : Gmail

google plus bar without sign into google accounts


Avatar2: Google Plus bar (while accessing Google search with Google account login)

After launch of Google Plus, this plus bar was updated with a “+You” when you’re logged in any of Google services like Gmail, Google+ etc. I took the below screenshot when I was accessing Google search and was logged into my Google account.

Service Listed in order: +Prashant : Web : Images : Videos : Maps : News : Shopping : Gmail

Google plus bar on webAvatar3: Google Plus bar (while accessing Google+)

Above two avatars of Google plus bar doesn’t have much difference but once you are logged into your Google+ account , you will find a major change in order of services listed on this Google+ bar. After my name Google has listed those services for which I need to have a Google account e.g Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Photos, Reader , Web & Others.

Google wants to make it easier for a Google+ user to access other Google services and Google has already made it clear that it wants to make Google+ to an identity service and will allow users to have only their real names displayed on their Google Plus profile.

Service Listed in order: Web : Images : Videos : Maps : News : Shopping : Gmail

New Order of services: +Prashant : Gmail : Calendar : Documents : Photos : Reader : Web

google plus bar in google plus

Also in the right hand corner of the Google Plus bar, you will have your display name, Google+ notification count, share button to directly share on Google plus, small thumbnail of your Google+ image and Settings bar.

google plus bar with sharebar

I believe Google Plus bar will soon be extended to other Google services and we might see it on YouTube, Blogger, Picnik, Google Analytics, websmaster tools and other Google Services in the near future.

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