Top 10 Google Plus Games

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Last week Google launched Google Plus games for its users and since then a games icon started to show up next to streams icon for few users. Games are currently available to a small number of Google+ field trial users, but will be added to all accounts soon. One of our earlier posts discussed how to play google plus games. Games have always been a highlighted feature in social networking websites for e.g Facebook has so many games like Farmville etc which were quite popular and addictive too. Games help social networking websites to engage their users to spend more time on their website.

Let’s see our list of Top 10 Google Plus Games.

Top 10 Google Plus Games

top 10 google games - 11. Angry Birds

Without any doubt, the best game to have come out recently. Angry Birds has been available to play on Chrome for quite some time. So, it wasn’t a surprise when Angry Birds was one of the first games to be made available on Google Plus platform as well. Angry Birds features hours of gameplay, challenging physics-based castle demolition, and lots of replay value. Each of the 120 levels requires logic, skill, and brute force to crush the enemy.


top 10 google games - 22. City of Wonder

City of Wonder is a new Sim-city-esque strategy game with social options, fully integrated in Facebook platform as well. Profiting from the Verdonia’s success and experience, City of Wonder takes on the new look under the Verdonia, both bear the similarity of city building and empire building game. In City of Wonder, you are not in the traditionally fantasy world, or medieval world, but in the Stone Age’s Rock Age, Classical Age, Modern Age… and beyond!


top 10 google games - 33. Dragons of Atlantis

In the lost world of Atlantis, dark fate looms on the horizon as the four tribes are at war to save themselves. Harness the wisdom and mysterious powers of the Ancient Ones to build an expansive empire and conquer your enemies. The Dragons universe transports players back to a somewhat non-standard retelling of the Atlantis legend, in which both magic and technology are turned to a fight for survival.”


top 10 google games - 44. Crime City

Play Crime City where you rise through the ranks of the mafia and take over the city in this next generation crime game! Amazing graphics and animations are the forte of this crime theme based game.



top 10 google games - 55. Bubble Island

Bubble Island is an exciting puzzle game based on a popular arcade concept. Modernized and re-developed for the social gaming sphere, users shoot a bubble-cannon and pop bubbles of matching colors to progress through several stages. Bubble Island includes elements of friendly competition as well as cooperation in a fast-paced island atmosphere.


top-10-google-plus-games-66. Wild Ones

In Wild Ones, you choose a cute pet and arm it with hard-core weapons. Choose a weapon and enter a live multi-player match where your goal is crush your competition. Blow your opponents out of the water with your big, powerful weapons and expert maneuvering of your pets! Wild Ones provides you with never-ending challenges and nonstop fun. There are always new maps to explore and new competitors to beat. Practice playing on your own, or even invite your friends into private matches and see who really dominates!


top-10-google-plus-games-77. Zombie Lane

Take back control of your neighborhood from Zombies! Equip a weapon of your choice and fight off the endless waves of the undead! Smack them with a shovel or take them down quickly with a shotgun. Complete quests and help the Rent-a-Cop restore peace to your neighborhood. Equip a variety of weapons including shotgun, shovel, and more. Gather material to craft super weapons. Customize your human from head-to-toe. Gift items and share coins with friends, hire them and visit their homestead.


top-10-google-plus-games-88. Soduku

Soduku is the mathematical puzzle game, which needs no introduction. Famous and loved through-out the world, this game is now available on all the platforms.



top-10-google-plus-games-99. Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash, is nearly a flawless puzzle game on the platform. Find matching gems and clear the board. Challenging levels, original “Special Weapons” and an undo button highlight this colorful contest while stunning graphics and original music add a dash of sparkling delight. A puzzle for the entire family. If what you’re looking for is some good old mindless fun, give it a go.


top-10-google-plus-games-1010. Dragon Age Legends

Dragon Age Legends extends the award-winning Dragon Age franchise and reinvents it for social play on Google+. The game blends accessible and engaging tactical combat, progression and exploration in the Dragon Age universe, and is perfect for co-operative and competitive gameplay across players’ Google+ Circles and Hangouts. This epic, free online RPG is the only game of its kind on Google’s new social network.


With only 16 games available as of now in Google Plus, getting the Top 10 was a cake walk. We plan to keep this list updated as more and more games are added to Google Plus games. Please bookmark this page and visit again. To get regular updates & great tips on Google Plus and other amazing stuff follow +Apurva Tripathi and +Prashant Tyagi and on Google Plus.

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