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Posted by Prashant on June 28, 2011 in Facebook,Social Networking

If you are planning to make a Facebook fan page or want to customize the design of your existing Facebook page, here are top 10 tips that you should definitely follow to get more likes for your Facebook fan page.

1. Create a Facebook Page

First thing to do before exploring Facebook fan page is that we need to create one. If you are thinking how to setup Facebook page, don’t worry as creating a Facebook page is very simple and you can create a Facebook page by visiting create page link on Facebook.  You would need to choose the type of the page that you are going to create. Facebook has six major categories for pages as listed below.

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization, or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Choose appropriate category, give a name to your page (can be changed later) and agree to Facebook terms. Now we are done creating a basic page.

2. Customize your Facebook Page

Once you are done creating a page , next step is to customize Facebook fan page design and give a new look to this page.

Unique Page Image

Upload a unique image for your page. This image should be selling point of your page and will be a significant factor in attracting people to your page, so make sure you invest time and effort before choosing a image for your page. It will be shown whenever you post or comment on something on Facebook. Try to utilize the maximum display area size i.e 180px X 540 px.

Welcome Tabs

After Facebook users have arrived on your page by clicking you page name , our next target is to convert those visitors into our fans and this task will be accomplished using welcome landing page. A well designed and captivating Facebook page’s landing tab has always played a major role in the converting visitors into fans. By default Facebook users will land on your wall page but using iframe applications you can add a new welcome tab to your page and enhance your page design.
If you are a new startup company do mention about your business, reasons why should the visitor like your page etc. Better salesman you are , more are you chances of getting Facebook likes. Existing big brands like CocaCola, Pepsi, BMW have already established themselves among the masses so they usually don’t detail about their product/ services. But having a good welcome landing tab adds an extra oomph factor to their brand.
You can also choose different landing welcome page for fans and non fans.

3. Promote your Facebook Page

So till now we have created a page and have finished designing its first look. Next task would be to promote this page so that we can popularize this page and can get more likes. Besides Facebook, web is a great medium to promote your page. If you have a website/blog you can use Facebook’s social plugins like Facebook like, send, recommendations, like box on your website or blog. Whenever you write a guest article on other websites do provide a link to your Facebook page. If someone likes your article he/she might like your page to get other regular updates from you.

4. Engage with your Fans

Below are few of the strategies that you should definitely consider to engage with your fans.

  • Distribute free stuff like coupons, free how to guides, ebooks, videos.
  • Ask Questions in form of quizzes or polls.
  • Reply to their queries and interact with your fans on regular basis.
  • Credit you Fans by giving them badges and profiling them on your page.

While browsing  Facebook, once I saw a page that changes its avatar to show the pic of its fan of the week who is chosen on the basis of best uploaded pic showing the product marketed by the Facebook page.

Such social activities will encourage nonactive members also to participate and interact more with your page.  Remember if your posts are getting more interactions in form of likes or comments, then only it will appear on the top news feeds of your fans.

5. Post quality content
Make sure that you post quality content and in different formats like photos, videos , text updates, links etc. Third party links can also be posted on your page if you feel the article or content is a quality material and will interest your fans.  Google also indexes Facebook pages which means that everything you post publicly can be accessed by Google and appear in its search results bringing more traffic to your page.

6. Post regularly
One of the most important factor to retain your fans is to post regularly. It is very usual to notice that during initial days page admins will post multiple updates daily but then loose interest and over the period of time stop posting. This could be the worse thing that could happen to a page. If you are busy and can’t devote all your time to maintaining your page, just try to post few updates regularly eg. a single post a day or 3-4 posts in a week. Don’t stop posting if you’re really serious about your Facebook page.

7. Get more Fans
Call you fans to share and like you posts. If you fans like or share any of your post , it will be visible on their wall which their connections will be able to see and can in turn become your page fan.
Facebook Ads
If you want to reach to more audience you can opt for Facebook ads which can target Facebook users based on their demographics and interests. eg. You can direct Facebook to advertise your page to a particular age group, living in a specific country with a particular interest. This really helps to market your page to your target audience.
Also promote your page among you followers and professional circle on twitter and linkedin respectively.
Few pages organize Q&A sessions with other experts on weekly basis. This helps the expert to reach the fan base of the page and the page keeps their fans glued to their page.

8. Show to people who you really are

Usually there are multiple admins of a page who post updates as a page. Your Facebook fans will see those updates as done by page and they will not know who actually posted those stories/updates. Even if you are posting updates as page , still you can sign off the post with your initials so that your fans know who are they actually interacting with.

9.  Add applications

You should also consider adding different applications to your Facebook page. Iframe apps helps you design a better welcome landing tab , using twitter integration apps you can link your twitter account with you Facebook page so that your recent tweets are visible on your Facebook page. There are thousands of applications that you can use to customize the design of your page.

10. View Insights

Facebook Insight tool is the best way to analyze and monitor your Facebook page activity. It will help you understand the interaction of you fans with your page and will show the number of likes, comments, new page likes , monthly active users etc. All this information is showed in a graphical format which you can analyze and can also generate a customized report for a particular date range. e.g. If you see a decrease in your Facebook page activity , you can then find out what posts or content led to reduction in your fan interaction.

You can start building your Facebook fan page by following these tips and soon you will see rise in your page likes. We will soon be posting advanced topics to get more traffic on your Facebook fan page.

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