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Posted by Prashant on August 18, 2011 in Google+,Social Networking

After using Google+ for almost a month I decided to share top five things I like about Google+. I won’t blame you if you had a separate top feature list because Google+ is so wonderful that different people can like different features.

1. Circles

Social networking are always about connecting with your family, friends, colleagues and followers where you share stuff like photos, videos, status updates and any other link. Everything shared on Twitter is public and can be seen by anyone by just visiting your profile and Facebook have friends lists to manage your sharing level. But there is one problem with Facebook friends lists i.e. that are not so easy to manage and not many users create additional friends lists.

  • Google Plus circles is one of the best way to create your friend lists, organize and share things with friends.
  • Google+ Circles are easy to create and have a very good look and feel. Hovering the mouse on any circle will show the friends pictures as thumbnails inside the
  • Adding friends to circles is as simple as dragging and dropping. Just drag the friend name from the list and drop them on a circle to add them to a desired circle.
  • Google+ Circles can be created on based of interests and related content be shared with people of same interest.
  • Friends can be added to multiple circles.
  • User always have control to decide the sharing level i.e. posts can be made public or shared with few circles or just one circle or just a handful of people.

2. Sparks

Google+ Sparks have really added a spark to Google’s social networking website. Earlier if you were on twitter you could follow topics, people of your interests and get updates on what they are posting. Facebook gave you option to like pages for businesses and websites and you get updates only when page admin wants to share some information.
So if you wanted to read content based on your interest then either you had to use Google or subscribe to RSS feeds of your favorite websites to get regular

  • With Google+ Sparks majority of your work is done by Google and by adding sparks (i.e nothing but your interest area) , you tell to Google+ that what you like. Based on your sparks latest content from all over the web is shown to you right inside Google+. Neither you have to go to Google to check any updates on a specific topic nor have to visit handful of selected websites.
  • If you liked any story or link in spark, you can directly share it with your circles.

3. Separate Games Section

Ok. now comes the interesting part i.e. Games which is one thing that person of any age would love to play. Google+ games have been launched with 16 games which includes Angry birds, Zynga Poker, Diamond Dash, Sudoku Puzzles and many others. Although few games are bit slow but playing those inside Google+ makes them really more interesting. In Facebook, if you play games its notifications will start appearing on your Facebook wall and games can post status on your wall automatically plus games
In Google+, games section is the place where all games related action takes place. You can play games, share your games score with friends, get game notifications and none of this goes to your main Google+ Stream. Isn’t this wonderful!
So if you want to play games and see what your friends are playing, just head directly to games section and get updates related to games. This avoids your main Google+ stream to be filled with games related notifications.
For those who don’t like to play games , they can simply leave games icon as it is, forget about games and Google+ will not bother you for any games related stuff.

4. +1 tab on profile

Few months before launch of Google+, +1 button for the web was launched. Users while logged into their Google account could +1 any post or web link or YouTube video which they liked (provided website has added +1 button) and would recommend it publicly. Earlier your +1’ed content used to appear in your Google account sections but with launch of Google+ it is right inside your profile and can be accessed any time by clicking +1 tab on your Google+ profile.


Although +1 are always public which means if someone in your circle does a search on a particular topic, they will be shown your +1 recommendations, but now you can choose to make them visible on your Google+ profile. You can also delete past +1’s from this tab.

5. Separate Streams for Circles

As Google+ is considered to be a mixed and better version of Facebook and Twitter, so it means that your circles of friends , followers and following will be very large. Managing the content & view updates from so many circles would have been quite frustrating if Google+ team wouldn’t have introduced separate streams for circles. Every time you create a new circle, a separate stream is created automatically. To get updates from a particular circle you just need to click on related stream and you can view the stuff from that circle.
Currently by default Google+ takes you directly to main stream which shows content from all your circles. But I expect that soon user will be given an option to choose default stream to be shown on their profile.

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