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Top Alternatives To Google Maps

Top Alternatives To Google Maps

Posted by Prashant on September 4, 2012 in Google

Google Maps has got so many integrated features like reading Wikipedia articles, viewing real time traffic data, sharing Map links directly on Google+ , even a helicopter view, but in past few days firstly Apple and then Amazon announced that they won’t be using Google Maps in their devices.

If you ever get in a situation that you don’t have to use Google Maps, below is a list of top alternative to Google Maps.

Bing Maps

If you are not searching on Google Maps, chances are that you are using Microsoft’s Bing Maps.

Features of Bing Maps are:

  • Go Fullscreen
  • View – Bird’s eye , Aerial View from Above, Traffic View ( data is collected from Traffic.com), Street View – Not available for all locations
  • Get directions by – Driving, Transit and Walking
  • Avoid Highways, Avoid Toll Roads, Round Trip
  • Send Link as Email
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter
  • Save Address in My Places
  • Embed Maps Link on WebPages
  • Map Apps can be downloaded ( e.g. Distance Calculator, Hotel Finder, Gas Prices etc.)


Yahoo Maps

With former Google’s employee Marrisa Mayer joining Yahoo as it’s CEO, we can expect many new features and change over of many Yahoo products including Yahoo Maps too.  Yahoo maps support these features. Yahoo Maps are presented in partnership with Nokia.

  • Includes Traffic (provided by Traffic.com) , Map and Satellite View
  • Option to Avoid Freeways and Tolls
  •  Send yahoo map link
  •  Embed yahoo map link


After Google, Bing and Yahoo, you can count on Mapquest to search for a place or get directions. Mapquest also has few nice features listed below. Local Tools are really good if you are planning to visit the place. Additionally you can send map links to your car and  your Garmin GPS.

  • Get Directions by Driving, Transit and Walking
  • Add Stops in your Route
  • Optimize Route by – Shortest Time or Shortest Distance
  • Avoid – Highways, Tolls, Ferries, Country Borders, Seasonal Roads, Timed Restrictions
  • Local Tools- Holiday Inn, Lodging, National Parks, Travel Services, Activities
  • Switch between Maps and Satellite view
  • Send Link
  • Embed Link on Webpage
  • Send Link to Email, Facebook, Mobile
  • Send Map Link to Car , Garmin GPS (needs to be attached to Computer)

Mapquest can also help you in finding Cheap Gas Prices.


OpenStreetMap is not as good as above 3 but still you can give it a try.


Wikimapia’s Search is not so good. You may need to try multiple words to see the map of a place.


Chances are Mappy won’t make you happy with its search. If you search for a place, it will give you number of options to choose from but none of them might match your requirement.

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