Twitter integrates automatic URL shortening service

Posted by Diya on June 9, 2011 in Social Networking

Twitter has launched automatic link shortening service for You just need to paste any link of any length on tweet box on and after composing your tweet when you hit enter, twitter will automatically shorten the link so that it takes up 19 characters. Original link will take a shortened version similar to ‘ linkID’

Better Security
As per Twitter this new automatic URL shortening will help increase security for twitter users. Although the link will be as shortened by twitter’s automatic URL shortener but user will still see shortened version of original link. This will help a user to know the true source of a link and let them decide whether or not to open the link. URL converted by twitter’s link service are checked against a list of potentially dangerous sites. For links identified as malicious by twitter a warning will be shown to the user before the user is directed to the original link. This feature was missing in other URL shortening services like, tinyurl, and sometimes links shortened using these services were reported as phishing scams. Twitter said users can still use other URL shortening services.

Integrated with Tweet Button for websites
If you hit tweet button on any website to share the link, twitter URL shortener will automatically shorten the URL for you.

No Analytics
If you are a webmaster and are intersted in analyzing your shortened links then twitter’s automatic URL shortening service is not for you because it doesn’t provide analytics. We believe twitter will extend this service to provide analytics as are provided by and

Not available as general service
Twitter automatic URL shortening service is only available for twitter and these shortened URL cannot be used on the web. Also there is no separate page where you can shorten the URL using

Competition with other social sharing websites
Firstly it was google +1 button launch , then analytics provided by add this social sharing button and then twitter automatic URL shortener. Social sharing over the web has transformed a lot in couple of months and we need to see what future holds for us. Whatever it will be , end user will definitely gain from it.

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