Use Disposable email Address to reduce spam in your Inbox

Posted by Prashant on March 20, 2012 in How To,Website


Don’t you feel frustrated whenever you see spam & offers email in your main Inbox.  It’s then that you repent sharing your email id with different service providers to receive offers which now have started to flood  your Inbox. There is a smarter way to keep on receiving the emails without increasing the email count in your main Inbox and EVEN WITHOUT DISCLOSING YOUR ORIGINAL EMAIL ID.

Yahoo provides users with an option to create disposable address which can then be distributed to others. Whenever an email is sent to that email address, it can be filtered out and sent to a particular folder. If you start to receive lots of junk email on that disposable address, just go ahead and delete this temporary email address. All emails that you would have received in past would remain unaffected. Below are the steps to a disposable email address

Step1: Choose Base Name

Log into your Yahoo email account and Go to Options > Mail Options. Now click on ‘Disposable Addresses’ under Advanced Options section. Here you would be asked to choose a base name for your disposable address.

Enter any unique name and hit ‘Continue‘. This unique name will be prefixed to all the disposable email address that you will create in next step.

Step 2: Add New Email address

Now click on the Add button , just above the newly created base name. You can enter a new keyword for this new email address. In the below example. I chose ‘offers’ to share this email id to receive offers from service providers.  Now whenever I receive emails from different service providers for offers, all my email go straight to folder ‘Offers’. I haven’t disclosed my original email id too. So now the complete email id would be “BaseName + Keyword” etc.

You can also apply any filters to email received on this new disposable address. Save the changes and you’re done.

Now you can try sending an email to this email id and it won’t land up in your main Inbox. Share this disposable email id with others and keep your original email id safe for personal use. You can also delete this disposable email id whenever you want. Your original email id & account remains intact. Isn’t this nice?

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